Teen Fiction Books – A Review

Having a book published is every writers dream. Whether it is a fiction book or a non-fiction or educational book that has been written; most people write a book in order to get it published. So, if you are a writer and you have just written “The End” on your novel or literature, how do you go about getting a book published?

Well, there are a few different methods that you might want to try. The first is self publishing. Self publishing is the process of publishing a book without having an agent, and without using a publisher that will distribute your book into stores. If you choose to self publish a book, you need to find a printer that does specialize in printing books. You also have to be aware that when you self publish a book, you are responsible for promoting and selling the book. You can contact local book stores that are not branded to get your book into shops. You can also sell them on the Internet on your own website, or ask others to sell and promote for you. Click here CreedGriffon.com.

Some people believe that self publishing is an easy way to get your book in print it may be easy to get it into print, but it is extremely difficult for an unknown writer to sell their book and get it into stores when it is self published. Some writers are opting for self publishing rather than any other way, as they wish to get rid of the need for an agent or to find a publisher that will publish a book without an agent.

The more traditional way of getting a book published is to find a literary agent first. This stops the writer having to come up with deals with publishers, finding stores to take the book and to eliminate the stress of printing and approving the book. This gives the writer much more time to do what they do best… write.To find an agent, a writer will normally have to send in a covering letter about themselves, a synopsis of the book they have written, which will detail the basic plot line of the book, and two or three chapters of the book usually the first three. Most agents won’t accept email submissions from writers, particularly new ones, and they will require you to send it through the post in hard copy.

The agents are your direct line to the giant publishers that command the literary world. They have inside contacts usually with the highest person at the publishers and they can discuss and negotiate a deal for you that would be much better if you were to contact the publisher direct. Of course, if you do find an agent to represent you, they will expect a fee for their work. After all, it is the agent that got you to where you are is it not? The fee can vary greatly depending on what agent you choose to go with.If after sending your work in the agents are really keen on representing you, you could try negotiating the price of their fee down. If they are keen to have you and spot real talent, they will not want you to go to another agent and take your success with you. Having a book published is a wonderful thing for any writer! Choose your agent wisely and keep going.